Some moments in our Summer term for Elementary and Home Schoolers

As elementary Montessori class leaders our job is to catch a child’s innate curiosity and questioning mind to 

  • invite further exploration
  • offer a challenge
  • put the child in contact with the materials in the classroom

Or better still 

  • encourage the child to look for their answers outside of it 

Or even: 

releasing the spirit of the child

As the owner of the Eton bookshop so eloquently said on Saturday as we got into conversation about a possible art book I was looking at for school.

Wisley Gardens - 2 of the Famous Five with Timmy

What better way to continue our work on Henri Rousseau than to do what he did - getting his inspiration from visiting the tropical Glasshouse in Wisley Gardens. 31st May 

(Wisley’s Summer theme is The Famous Five.) 

We encourage the child to follow their interest to deepen their knowledge

This is why, in a Montessori elementary classroom, you will have - 

  • a small group of children doing a zoology based piece of research
  • while others are setting up a science experiment
  • while others are playing the detective adjective game
  • and one is watering the new plants in the garden.  

New knowledge is rooted in the Great Stories which enable pieces of information to be slotted into the whole 

June 19th

We’ve made a windmill when we need a wind vane. 

What a great observation from a nearly 7 year old

Adaptations made to make the vane turn independtly from its stick and the placing of pegs to act as the now needed counterweight - triumphant effectiveness over elegance

Because every child is unique